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Modern technology has enabled us to do all kinds of great things while on the go. “Connected devices” enable the devices that are not connected so everything can work together as one big harmonious ecosystem designed to make our lives easier or better. Many of these technologies have made their way to the car along with safety features that make life on the go easier.

Some technology is an absolute necessity to maintain, although let’s not forget that there are key components in a car that need the proper care in order for your vehicle’s smooth operation, key important things like auto transmission repair, headers repair, exhaust repair, etc. Not everything is electronic, remember that a car’s basic purpose is to be driven around. Back cameras fall into that category as they have multiple functions. One is to prevent the accidental engagement of people or items behind your car. The second is to provide an additional view of what’s behind you when you’re doing things like parking! Another great technology is parking assistance sensors. It assists you when parking. Built-in warning systems help you understand when you’re getting too close to the curb, other vehicles, and/or obstacles such as trees, poles, and other cars.

As the industry & technology grows, we are seeing advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) for vehicles. Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are technologies that offer a motorist with fundamental tips, automate difficult or repetitive jobs, and result in an overall upsurge in automobile safety for everybody. These systems help alert you to prevent a crash from other motorists, pedestrians & they can even read road signs. Below we have mentioned a few of these current solutions but we have a variety of solutions that are available to us that we could consider for your vehicle. Give us a call today so we can go over the options for you & your vehicle.

Aditional Options & Solutions

Interested in additional vehicle safety solutions for your vehicle? Here is a short list of the most popular ones.

Parking Sensors - Unique Audio - Lorton VA
Collision-Avoidance-systems - Unique Audio - Lorton VA
backup-camera-systems - Unique Audio - Lorton VA


Parking Sensors - Unique Audio - Lorton VA


backup-camera-systems - Unique Audio - Lorton VA


Collision-Avoidance-systems - Unique Audio - Lorton VA

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“Everything about this place is great, from the beautiful interior to the excellent customer service. The owner helped my pick out a double din head unit for the wife (Christmas gift) that she loved and also installed a remote start for her soon to follow birthday. Everything about the experience was easy as can be and I got honest, solid advice about the choices. This shop has also done a flawless window tint on my WRX as well and tires. Won’t hesitate to come back here and I strongly recommend the shop!”

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“They handled my stereo replacement and the job was professional and the price was reasonable, they even offered me the best car stereo accessories. I am so happy with their work that I’m coming back to have them work on my second car. I’ve had a very hard time finding a stereo place that I’m happy with and I will be sticking with these guys forever”

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